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To the Dreamers From All Walks Of Life

We were all once a kid and being part of the creative industry, we think it is important to keep that kid in our hearts, no matter what our age. Imagendary is defined by our curiosity, by people who dare to dream and dare to build upon those dreams.

Our dream

With our ambition to build a premier AAA level development studio, we call upon the best talent in the world to help deliver the highest quality creative content. At Imagendary Studios, we welcome talent from all over the world and encourage open discussions from our diverse perspectives. Only through this wide range of individual experiences, will we expand our horizons beyond the boundaries of our imagination.

The road to our destiny is never easy. An adventurer’s journey is always full of obstacles but also filled with excitement. You are not alone in this path. We invite you to join us on this endeavor. The adventure is calling and your destiny awaits!

Flexible office and interview methods

As a result of the current COVID-19 outbreak, our Irvine office designed a flexible work policy to make sure that it is beneficial to the health of our employees and their families. With roles that require more dedicated in-person teamwork and collaboration, we strongly prefer those employees working on-site at the studio. Our top priority is the safety of our employees. We understand each person’s circumstances may be unique and we are willing to explore different work options. This flexible work policy uniquely positions our teams to get work done successfully during any situation.

To maintain social distance during the pandemic, we have switched all onsite interviews to virtual interviews on Zoom as of July 2021. A typical Zoom interview takes about an hour with HR or hiring manager. This pandemic has affected the world permanently and has certainly made many things challenging on our personal lives as well as our career developments. At Imagendary, we make our best effort to accommodate our future partner’s needs, and we are dedicated to providing all the support needed to ensure successful career development for our new team members during this special time.


Be part of a miraculous journey