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Imagendary’s Unreal Fellowship

We are delighted to announce that three of our talented artists recently returned from
Epic Games Unreal Fellowship Worldbuilding Program. This was the first ever World
Building Fellowship Program hosted by the Unreal Team. This Fellowship invited a total
of 105 participants from the cinematic and gaming industry. Three of our artists Damien
Peinot, Tadeusz Chmiel, Piotr Tatar, had the privilege to learn amongst the industry’s
most talented artists at this special program.

ArtStation - Unreal Fellowship: World Building UE5

This Fellowship program was a full time 3 week learning course and taught by Epic
Games instructors. The Fellowship primarily centered on Worldbuilding and equipped
artists specializing in Environmental, Level Design, and VAD with Unreal’s latest
technology. Participating artists had the honor to and learn and experience the newest
features and tools from Unreal Engine’s latest version UE 5.0.3 during the three
intensive weeks.
"I had an incredibly experience during my time at the Unreal Fellowship training
program.” Piotr Tatar said, “the program was designed to reskill VFX/CG artists,
producers, directors, and more in real-time technology, which is a massive opportunity
for the creative industries. The fellowship focused on the core principles of real-time
production design, with an emphasis on creating compelling environments that tell a
“The Unreal Fellowship Worldbuilding course was an incredibly intense, but equally
rewarding experience”, our artist Tadeus Chmiel commented, “we dove deep into topics
such as Data Ingestion, Lighting, Materials, Functions, Sequencer, Blueprints,
Understanding Source Control, and more, and I was amazed by how much I learned in
such a short period of time. As someone who is passionate about creating beautiful
environments for cinematic projects, this course was exactly what I needed to take my
skills to the next level.”

In our weekly technical meeting, Tatar also shared with our team that “the program also
provided me with valuable knowledge about using modeling tools, which are essential
for creating realistic and detailed environments. The Datasmith plugin was another great
tool I learned to use, which helped me with advanced asset integration techniques.
Additionally, I was introduced to level-packed actors, which significantly improved the
efficiency of environment building by allowing me to create endless prefabs with ease.”
Please join us in welcoming Damien, Tad and Piotr back to the team. The training has
provided them with valuable insights and knowledge that they have already integrated
into their recent work. We look forward to seeing the positive impact that they will make
and to continuing to grow together as a team.
As these artists return to their role, we would like to remind everyone of the importance
of professional development in our organization, and we believe in investing in our
employees' growth and development. We want to sincerely thank Epic Games and
Unreal Team for providing such inspiring and empowering program to our industry!



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