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Imagendary Studios- Birthday Parties of 2021

Birthdays mean something special to everyone. Children celebrate birthdays with their parents and classmates, while grown-ups, buried in tight schedules, can often forget them. But Imagendary Studios never forgets. We hold birthday parties every month for all our members and celebrate these special moments together.

At these parties, we give our well-wishes to the birthday boys and girls. Each cake is specially designed by our creative artists, so their reveal is always full of surprises.


Creative Cakes

Against the gorgeous space backdrop are the signatures of our birthdays for the month. We hope our colleagues can continue reaching for the stars in pursuit of their dreams.

In the golden months of summer, we celebrated the birthdays of energetic Leos. Can you feel the majesty of the proud lion king?

Bright sunflowers and yellow roses symbolize the dreams and inspiration of our staff.

These are spooky Halloween cakes. It was fun to spend a birthday with these special cakes and ghosts all around us.

Hamburgers, instant noodles, basketball, Switch… These are some of our staff’s favorite things. We want to create a fun environment for our entire team, allowing them to enjoy themselves no matter the occasion.

Santa Claus showed up at Imagendary Studios on Christmas Eve! We had Christmas cakes for our monthly birthday party on this special day. Who wouldn’t love these adorable cakes?


Creative Blessings

After cake, the birthday boys and girls were given special handmade birthday cards from their colleagues. Each one had a small blessing and sketch.

As the new year sets upon us, Imagendary Studios will continue our birthday party tradition as we continue serving as a home for all our members. We believe the happiness shared now will be remembered long into the future, no matter how many years have passed. As time goes by, we wish nothing but the best to all our team around the world. Together, we will keep moving forward to tackle the upcoming new year.


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