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Crazy Halloween

Halloween is always a crazy time, but that’s exactly why we celebrate! Imagendary Studios held a special party on this very special day, allowing team members to fully unleash their creative spirit. Everyone costumed up and embarked on a wild adventure, having a fun, extraordinary day.

Welcome to Imagendary Studios’ Crazi-land.

After 12 long hours of decoration, our studio transformed into a dark medieval castle, complete with cobwebs and spooky ghosts. Walking in, you couldn’t miss the pumpkins and bloody handprints strewn around the studio, along with a counter full of Halloween snacks. Imagendary’s Halloween Party was on its way!


Zero vs Hero

To join the party, the first thing you needed to do was pick a side. You had to be either a Zero or Hero to survive the day, and everyone was promised a big prize if their team turned out to be the winner.


Who’s the Best Cosplayer?

All our team members dressed up as their favorite characters and placed their pictures on the board. Aside from the classics like Edward Scissorhands or Ghostface, there were also adorable anime characters, Squid Game enthusiasts, and even a plague doctor who showed up to the party. Our members’ creativity was on full display within the fun atmosphere of our studio.


A professional makeup artist was on standby performing touchups to ensure that every “ghost” would look their best.


Party Time!

When the party began, the Zeroes and Heroes were ready for battle.

Our battle included classic games like Radish Down and Draw Something, as well as hits from the popular Netflix series Squid Game, like Tug-of-War and Sugar Challenge. If contestants failed to work well with their teammates, then they would lose. Everyone had a lot of fun putting their ingenuity to the test.

In our Halloween world, you needed creativity and a dash of good luck. These partygoers showed us how luck led them to success.


Who’s the Best Craftsman?

The most popular contest by far was the Halloween classic, Jack-o’-lantern carving. Our artists, accustomed to wielding paintbrushes in their daily work, turned into excellent craftsmen and produced stunning pieces of art.


Prize Presentation

At the end of the day, the battle between the Zeroes and Heroes was settled with prize presentations for the Most Ingenious Craftsman, Pop King/Queen, and a Beauty Pageant.

Everyone cast a vote for their favorite characters. Congratulations and many thanks to the winners and everyone who helped make the festival a success!


Birthday Party

During the celebrations, we also held our monthly birthday party. Happy birthday to all our October-born staff! It was all candles and smiles as everyone gathered around to celebrate.


Scary Movie

We wrapped up our happy Halloween with a horror movie on the big screen. We ended a memorable night sitting together, eating popcorn, and sipping coke.


Time flies when you’re having fun. Imagendary Studios’ Crazi-Land may have ended, but the good times will last in our memories.

In the coming months, there will be many more things to look forward to at Imagendary. We are looking forward to spending them together as a family. We’ll be back for Halloween next year, with even more surprises in store. Come join us in the fun!


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