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The 2022 Spring Festival Gift Bag is Coming!

The beginning of the year 2022, marks the start of another new year celebration – the Chinese Spring Festival. This festival is an extremely important event for Chinese people. It is a tradition inherited from our ancestors, and with it carries our blessings towards the future. To celebrate, we have prepared unique Spring Festival gift bags for our members on this special day. These gifts are meant to bring warmth and inspiration to our members, accompanying them into the upcoming new year.

Our studio decided to custom design every item, including special bucket bags, scarves, beanies, socks, badges, “hongbao”(lucky red envelopes), greeting cards and much more. We hope everyone enjoys wearing and using these gifts as we celebrate the Year of the Tiger!


【Imagendary Energy Bag】

The Energy Bag contains sparks of wisdom, symbolizing our individual imagination


【Energy Box】

Energy disks inside the box symbolize our sparks of creativity.


【Imagination Beanie & Inspiration Badge】

All journeys start with an inspiration. Start your journey with an Imagination Beanie and Inspiration Badges and see where your inspiration takes you.


【Self-heating Scarf & Keep-Walking Socks】

Imagendary scarves will keep you warm and strong in the middle of winter.

When chasing your dreams, sometimes you have to keep a foot on the ground. Imagendary socks will keep you comfy as you get further towards your goal.

These Spring Festival gifts are for all our members here at Imagendary. We promise we’ll be with you every step of the way as we tackle the challenges of the upcoming new year.


【A Blessing for the Year of the Tiger】

Last but not least, the bag also includes a blessing from Imagendary founder Wei Wang. He expresses his gratitude to everyone for being a part of our studio’s journey. Let’s step forward together as we head into the New Year.


Hi everyone,

As we head into the New Year, Imagendary will be starting a brand new chapter.

Over the past year, we have witnessed many successes, breakthroughs, difficulties, and challenges. The ocean of life hides many miracles, hidden beneath the waves. WE are the explorers of these miracles.

Our journey will not be stopped by the ringing of the New Years’bell or celebrations. Where there is life, there is passion. Our dreams are like butterflies, may they fly high above the mires of reality and onwards toward paradise.

Thank you for being with us as we fight for our shared dream. Happy New Year!



Be part of a miraculous journey