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The Engine of Creativity: Exchange Meeting

IP innovation has entered a new phase, and one essential element is thinking creatively. This is because players’ and audiences’ aesthetic sensibilities have evolved. Over the course of the previous year, Imagendary Studios has welcomed a plethora of talented professionals who are eager to contribute their ideas and enthusiasm to the studio’s bold new endeavors. Our studio had an all-hands meeting with staff members in Shanghai and Irvine, across the time zone, to discuss “IP Innovation” and create new ways to advance the film and gaming industries.


The Importance of Creativity


Our founder and CEO, Wang Wei, laid forth the long-term plan for and rationale behind the evolving IP. We’re always on the lookout for new ways of doing things, and many of our team members have been busy learning, working together, and making strides in their respective industries. The iteration and upgrading of technology is only part of the user experience and accomplishments; the constant enhancement of the IP core also plays a significant role. Wang Wei has expressed his desire for further progress and landmark achievements this year so that we can move closer to the ideals we have in our heads.

To achieve the extremes,  innovation is the hurdle we must break through – to make a differentiated and refreshingly excellent work for the world.



Group Discussion is the Engine of Creativity


Imagendary Studio is home to a talented crew with a global background. Because of this, we treat all opinions as valid and welcome variety on our team. Having a diverse staff is essential to developing successful worldwide goods and breaking through creative barriers. Therefore, this meeting’s original objective was to push past mental boundaries and synthesize the team’s rich experiences.


Consequently, this conference also included a roundtable talk. Members of the team in Shanghai and Irvine had in-depth, multi-level online and offline conversations. Artists from various backgrounds and specialties, including 3D animators, concept designers, world builders, and others, shared their thoughts and perspectives freely. The attendees were able to express themselves uninhibitedly due to the laid-back environment.

With their rich experience in global industries, the world’s top creative brains broke through the limitations of time and space. They took the industry’s highest level as an innovation standard, contributing to a feast of creativity and inspiration.


The Road Ahead


Each person is like a post-it note, tackily adding their bright ideas to the vision board of our collective future. Wang Wei then elaborated on his takeaways from the debate by discussing the contrasting points of view presented in the speeches. The team as a whole had a better understanding of our future course. They were able to understand one another better and integrate into this open and welcoming family as a result of the exchange meeting, which not only yielded many unique and innovative ideas but also boosted the cohesiveness, execution, and strength of the whole team.



It’s reminiscent of the utopia we hope to realize in the future, where people of all backgrounds and ethnicities gather together to form meaningful relationships, have fun, and pass on their values and aspirations from generation to generation. We are fortunate to collaborate with some of the industry’s most gifted artists. They help us find new sources of drive, ignite fresh avenues of thought, and propel us forward on the path toward realizing Imagendary Studio’s vision.


Be part of a miraculous journey