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A Letter From Our Founding Team

Imagendary Irvine Office

The City of Irvine is now home to Imagendary Studios North American Headquarters. We launched our new studio at the beginning of the year, marking the start of an important new chapter for our team and their respective careers. We are now in the process of building our first office here in the heart of Orange County. We are happy to share this exciting event with our friends and family who have stood by and supported us along the way.

Games to Remember

Games are not just games. For those of us who dedicate our careers and lives to this industry, to the world we built, and the battles we fought, games mean friendship and community. We strive to pass on our beliefs and strengths to our fellow gamers around the world.

It is not so much that we are addicted to the world of games, but rather that all of us have a longing deep in our hearts, for a real adventure in our real world. The experiences we had when we were young stayed with us as we walked our journeys to who we are today. That is the power of a well-crafted game.

This is what we strive to deliver. We devote ourselves to creating new experiences that excite, inspire, and to be remembered. We’re opening a new chapter to raise the bar for premium quality production and game development. We look forward to forging all kinds of new friendships and bonds, while creating new possibilities in our shared communities tied together by our different passions, strengths, and imaginations.

A New Journey

The hands of time cannot be turned backwards. The minutes of our lives are not to be wasted. We bid farewell to our past, and set sail for a new journey with Imagendary, keeping the flame that burns in our hearts, that of our dreams.

We’ve had our fair share of achievements and failures, and we are certainly far from perfect. Along each step of our journey, we will continue to improve, moving forward in the direction of our goal.

In this section of our website, we will share the records of our journey. Here you will find our progress as we forge a path towards our vision.

Now, we invite you to come join us on this adventure. A hero is already within you. All you need to do is find him.


Be part of a miraculous journey