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Our Imagendary

We have pondered countless hours on what defines Imagendary Studios. In the winter of 2020, the whole world was hit by the pandemic and everything suddenly came to a halt. We had to pivot all our plans in order to adapt to this “new normal” of pandemic living.  The team discussed our future through the late hours of countless nights.

It was clear that this pandemic accelerated our society’s arrival into the virtual landscape. While these worlds can be in many forms, the world of gaming is obviously the most exciting. Once our vision was established, moving forward quickly on a global level was the objective.

Then magically, everything fell into place. Our team quickly formed a global unit to prepare our offices in both California and Shanghai. While our US team worked with real estate agents in both countries, our China team trekked on the hot roads of Shanghai for months searching for the ideal commercial office space.

The first time we stepped into Tianlinfang’s Park, we all felt that it was the studio we imagined. The entire park is located in a lively urban area encapsulated with a peaceful atmosphere. The entire park embraces large green courtyards, and rows of two-story buildings appear suddenly in the deep and secluded areas of the winding path.

After 6 months of renovation, the Shanghai Office of Imagendary Studios was about to be unveiled!

Welcome to our office

You’ll first notice the entrance gate of our studio with the logo of Imagendary Studios front and center. The rustic red brick walls are juxtaposed with elegant minimalistic style.

In the workspace and meeting room, the warm light helps create a more comfortable work environment for all the artists.

On the second floor, you will find this vibrant and open workspace. It echoes the company’s culture of open-mindedness and acceptance.

Dreams come true

Visiting the completed studio for the first time, one can’t help but feel the excitement. Not too long ago, here stood just a drab and empty building, but now it stands perfectly in front of my eyes. Given time and hard work, dreams really can come true.

The studio prior to renovation

This marks a chapter for a new beginning. If you believe you are a passionate dream builder like us, we invite you to join us on this endeavor to come take this journey with us.  The adventure is calling and your destiny awaits!


Be part of a miraculous journey