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Communication Across Borders

Imagendary Studios is an open and inclusive company with operations in both Irvine, California and Shanghai, China. As we continue to recruit talent from all around the world, international communication has become an integral part of our daily operations. Despite the large distance, we have established communication channels between the two studios through well-developed systems and procedures. Exchanging ideas helps lay the groundwork for sparking innovation, propelling us to create world-class content.

Irvine studio


Shanghai studio


How we communicate

In the internet age, online communication is no longer a hindrance. Communication between our two studios is meticulously planned and organized through both formal and informal ways such as office software, emails, and video calls. Meeting calendars and topics are communicated in advance according to project requirements. The inherent flat structure also facilitates fast, effective, and cordial communication; as one of our Shanghai colleagues puts it: “Our American coworkers are quite approachable, the conversations are fantastic, and their input is prompt.”

A thorough meeting system also serves as a stimulus for good communication. Face-to-face communication is a crucial component of our job as we work hard to promote our projects. To this end, we hold weekly video conferences in which Chinese and American coworkers share ideas and inspirations on a variety of topics, including the scope of art production, art direction, quality specifications, technical procedures, manpower requirements, production schedules, and risk management and solutions.

Communication is the key to our success, and we value everyone’s voices in our discussions. This is how fresh and innovative ideas emerge.

Diverse Cultural Exchange

Imagendary not only welcomes cultural diversity but also regards it as an opportunity for internal growth and learning. While our American coworkers are eager to offer their professional skills in the never-ending quest for technical progress, our Shanghai coworkers are actively investigating industry-leading concepts, as well as an in-depth understanding of content production. Both studios learn from one another and strive to push each other to new heights.

Aside from different working philosophies, our members’ various backgrounds act as a catalyst for cultural exchange. We now have a global team of professionals and veterans from prestigious companies like Blizzard, Sony, Riot, and Pixar. Our core team members have an average of 15 years of expertise in AAA game development and Hollywood film production, coming to us with extraordinary expertise and skills in cinema, animation, gaming, art, and other industries. Their ideas and experiences form the basis for a strong passion for entertainment that goes beyond borders.

Global Group Chat

Our studio has a groupchat for us to share videos, artwork, music, and more about our daily lives. It acts as an open line to help us stay connected and gives us opportunities to inspire each other.

The channel allows us to freely communicate with one another and share our interests. These casual conversations reveal our common passion and enthusiasm for design and technology, as well as the value of mutual growth. The daily communication also brings both studios closer together, giving us confidence in our creative content.

Effective communication is the glue that holds people together and is also important in attracting and retaining talent. We at Imagendary are always searching for new systems of communication that can help break down cultural barriers and develop creative content. We welcome those from all over the world to join us in producing extraordinary games for the world.


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