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Imagendary Studios Family Gathering!

The core of Imagendary’s team is our content creators. We believe a fun, relaxed workplace helps our team bond and foster relationships, improving not only our work but also the company as a whole.

Imagendary treats all employees with trust and respect, providing an environment for people to think both in and outside-the-box. Our strong team culture allows all workers to grow as individuals.

To promote this, Imagendary often organizes various team building activities to encourage curiosity, creativity, and adaptability.

Shanghai Teambuilding Event

At the end of May, members of Imagendary Shanghai participated in an exciting team paintball tournament.

Popular around the world, CS paintball lies at the intersection of sport and gaming. Players, braving heavy fire, must strategize as a team and outwit their opponent to achieve victory.

Imagendary’s female fighters keeping their eyes on the “battlefield.”

Normally well-mannered artists trade in their brushes to become soldiers.

A few battles later, time for BBQ!

Happy Children’s Day

Here at Imagendary, we believe Children’s Day is a time to celebrate the inner child in all of us.

From curiosity to compassion, children teach us to experience the world in its purest form. Being kind to others, endlessly asking questions, and of course, a love of games are things we hold near and dear to our hearts.

This Children’s Day, we renew our mission to continue spreading these values throughout our industry and positively impact the world.

Children’s Day Exclusive – some big “children” gather around for ice cream

Business at this booth is booming!

Ice cream tastes just like happiness

First birthday party

Our first birthday party at the new Tianlin office! We put the names of all our colleagues and their family members who had birthdays from January to June on the cake. We wish them all the best.

At Imagendary, we believe in the power of imagination. Are you interested in world building, gaming, and creating experiences for the world to enjoy? Come join us!


Be part of a miraculous journey