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Our global offices are located in Irvine, Calfornia, and Shanghai, China. Our studio is built around the belief that great imaginations inspire great dreams. We are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where we can embrace and inspire some of the brightest dream builders from diverse backgrounds to collaborate together and turn their bold dreams into a reality. Join us and make a difference.

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We take pride in working with the best in-class talents in the industry. Here we create, celebrate, and play with the most unique and talented minds from all around the world. Personal growth and professional development is our top priority. We recognize that a top-notch global team with diverse backgrounds is the source of our creativity and innovation, and an equitable working environment is the foundation to ensure that we can bring out the best in each of us. It is our commitment to foster a global workplace founded on trust, respect, passion, and individual responsibility.


Targeted Jobs


Senior Gameplay Animator

Irvine, California. Game Design September 28, 2022

Imagendary Studios is searching for a highly motivated and talented Senior Gameplay Animator to join our Game Team and provide hands-on animation expertise for an early-stage incubation project. As a Senior Gameplay Animator, you’ll work…

Senior FX Artist

Irvine, California. Animation / Art September 20, 2022

Imagendary Studios is looking for a talented, driven, and experienced Senior effects Artist to join our core team developing high quality AAA games and cinematic animation. You will be…

Global Systems Architect

Irvine, California. Information Technology September 21, 2022

Imagendary Studios is seeking an experienced and talented Global Systems Architect to join our
Systems Engineering team developing high quality AAA games and cinematics. You will be
responsible for…

Associate Producer, Tech

Irvine, California. Production August 20, 2022

Imagendary Studios is searching for an experienced Associate Producer to join our technical team in developing and supporting software and tools to facilitate high-quality content for AAA
games and films. The ideal candidate has…

Narrative Designer

Irvine, California. Games Writing August 18, 2022

Imagendary Studios is seeking an awesome Narrative Designer to join our core team to provide
narrative expertise to our studio. The ideal candidate…

Senior Combat Systems Designer

Irvine, California. Game Design August 2, 2022

Imagendary Studios is seeking an experienced and talented Senior Combat Systems Designer to join our core team developing high quality AAA games. You will be…

Build Engineer

Irvine, California. Game Design July 28, 2022

Imagendary Studios is looking for a talented, driven, and experienced Unreal Build and Pipeline Engineer to join our core team developing high quality AAA games and cinematics. You will be responsible for…

Senior Technical Artist (Character and Environment Shading)

Irvine, California. Animation / Art June 23, 2022

Imagendary Studios is seeking a highly skilled and talented Senior Character Shading Technical Artist to join our core team developing high quality AAA games and cinematic animation. The ideal candidate is…


上海,中国. 美术类 July 22, 2022

Imagendary Studios正在寻找一位技术精湛、才华横溢的资深材质艺术家加入我们的核心团队来参与高质量的 AAA 游戏和电影项目的开发。在我们的团队里,您将和艺术家、工程师和设计师紧密合作,打造真正的史诗般的沉浸式游戏体验。我们希望您擅长纹理绘制和外观开发,并具有故事短片、电影或大型游戏项目开发方面的经验。您将作为资产团队的一员,与我们的CG制作团队和游戏开发团队密切合作,一同创作超写实的纹理贴图和模型材质。


上海,中国. 美术类 May 7, 2022

Imagendary Studios 正在寻找一位技术精湛、才华横溢的资深角色和环境材质TA加入我们的核心团队来开发高质量的 AAA 游戏和电影动画。理想的候选人需要在角色和环境资产的着色渲染方面有着丰富的经验,帮助资产艺术家在UE5引擎中编写实风格的shader。


上海,中国. 策划类 March 21, 2022

Imagendary Studios正在寻找一位经验丰富的世界观和文案创作者加入我们的核心团队来参与高质量的 AAA 游戏和电影项目的开发。他将在这里进行IP世界观、剧本、故事或更多其他方面的文字创意工作,和团队一起打造宏大的IP世界。理想的候选人热爱游戏和电影,具有创意与叙事相关的行业工作经验以及国际化的视野,愿意在此发挥无限的创造力。


上海,中国. 美术类 July 19, 2021

Imagendary Studios 正在寻找一位才华横溢、富有创造力和高度合作性的资深角色概念艺术家加入我们的核心团队,以开发高质量的 AAA 游戏和电影。我们希望候选人兼具天马行空的想象力和高度的艺术技巧,播撒创意的种子并细化完善。


上海,中国. 美术类 July 19, 2021

Imagendary Studios 正在寻找一位才华横溢、富有创造力和合作性的资深场景概念艺术家加入我们的核心团队,以开发高质量的 AAA 游戏和电影。我们希望候选人专注于通过视觉吸引力和精心制作的概念作品创造令人惊叹的美丽场景。

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buffs and perks

All Around Dream Builders

We are committed to building a new generation of content creation studio targeting a global audience. We respect and deeply appreciate every creator for their inspirations. Here at Imagendary, we collaborate with creators from all over the world and together we bring our dreams to life.

Equal and Open Work Environment

We are firmly committed to Equal Opportunity Policy. All employees and qualified applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, protected veteran status, or any other basis protected by applicable law, and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability. We have established a global HR Operation to assure equal employment opportunity (EEO) in all our policy decisions affecting recruitment, selection, assignment, promotion, training, and all other terms and conditions of employment.

Continuous Career Development Support

We value your career development and personal growth. We provide a variety of training programs, including internal sharing to external professional trainings. Whether you are a technical or managerial talent, you can find your own development space here.

Comprehensive employee protection

We provide comprehensive medical and life insurance to all our employees and families. In addition, we will provide communication, transportation, travel and other subsidies or allowances according to the needs of different positions and jobs.

Abundant Activities and Benefits

Monthly birthday and holiday parties will be hosted throughout the year. Holiday gifts will be awarded to all employees. Unlimited coffee and snacks will be provided at various office locations as well as studio-sponsored weekly breakfast and catered lunch events throughout the year.

Imagendary USA

Vacation / Time Off:
  • 4 weeks paid Vacation
  • 12 paid Holidays
  • 2 paid Floating Holidays
  • 10 days of paid Sick Leave
  • Paid time off between Christmas and New Year
  • 10 days paid Jury Duty/Witness Leave
  • Up to 8 weeks paid Bereavement & Compassion Leave
Insurance / Health Care:
  • Free Dental, Vision, and Medical (Including PPO)
  • Free 24/7 Virtual Care with One Medical
  • 25k Free Life and Accident Insurance
  • FS, HSA, and commuter pre-tax account
Extra Perks:
  • TimeSquared Concierge Service
  • 401k with matching
  • Employee referral bonuses
  • Flexible remote and hybrid work situations
  • Company lunches
  • Custom swag
  • Birthday celebrations


Imagendary China

  • Social insurance
  • Housing fund
Health Care:
  • Free physical examination once a year
  • Supplementary medical insurance (including children)
  • Chinese statutory holidays
  • Open-PTO policy