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Our MoCap Center In Shanghai

The standard for immersion is constantly increasing alongside the quality of visual performances in film and video games. Imagendary Studios’ overarching mission has always been to provide world-class entertainment to our global audiences.

Two motion capture studios, one in Irvine and one in Shanghai, have been planned to help us get there and make our production process more agile and effective. As of now, the Shanghai motion capture center is complete. After going through site selection, equipment acquisition, interior design, etc., this facility that embodies our passion finally takes shape.



MoCap Center In Construction

Construction Complete


Twenty Vicon Vantage16 motion capture cameras with a maximum frame rate of 120 frames per second at 16 million pixels and a maximum frame rate of 500 frames per second will be utilized in this newly constructed motion capture center. It can simultaneously capture animation data, such as character bodies, finger movements, character props, etc., for two to three individuals.


High-speed Motion Capture Camera


We also have a whole suite of motion capture software, consisting of ShogunLive and ShogunPost, which can record and export the already collected data seamlessly. In addition, the Shogun program has been equipped with a robust Retarget (redirection) function, eliminating the need for time-consuming data conversion between the software on different platforms, enhancing work efficiency, and accelerating development.


The Importance of Motion Capture

The construction of a motion capture center is laborious and time-consuming, but its completion is of tremendous importance. In addition to enhancing efficiency, it will promote the development of our IP. Motion capture technology can bring them to reality no matter how subversive our imagination is.



In addition, motion capture is a performance medium, and it may be said that it is the most demanding of all performance mediums because it is “pure performance” and demands the actors and actresses to have a vast amount of creativity. The advent of motion capture has elevated the amount of performance detail to a new level. The liveliness of characters is directly tied to the performers who portray them. Performers give game characters life, while motion capture technology enhances game characters’ animation effects and development efficiency.


Architects of A Virtual World

A motion capture artist is an architect and dream-maker who transports reality into the virtual realm. The journey of virtual characters in films and video games, the five billion-person online concerts, the 1:1 recreation of the actual world, etc., cannot be separated from their contributions. If motion capture is the technology that brings virtual characters to life, then a motion capture artist is the link to realize it.


Zhenfei Sun is our senior motion capture artist. He has more than six years of expertise in the industry and once oversaw the creation of a motion capture facility for a well-known Chinese video game company from scratch to completion.



After the completion of our motion capture center, Sun immersed himself in it, configuring equipment and preparing for our characters. “My team and I will devote more time to the operation of the center, and we are eager to assist the studio in producing high-quality products,” Sun said.



The vision of Imagendary’s dream is gradually forming, with dreamers from all over the world and steadily developed technology serving as the parts of a magnificent jigsaw, slowly assembling the final product that our hearts desire. Even though there are numerous obstacles along the route, we are not alone.


Be part of a miraculous journey