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Pride 2022 at Imagendary

Imagendary Studios is extremely grateful and proud of the diverse group of team members that have joined us. Along with our team members, we’re excited to share in the celebration of Pride Month–a time dedicated to recognizing the LGBTQ community and their stories.

As part of our celebration of Pride 2022, one of our team members, senior artist David Luong took some time to create a design that shows off the Imagendary logo with Pride. Tee shirts were distributed among the group and worn in celebration. 


“I wanted to create our first company Pride t-shirt for this year, but not just slap on our logo with rainbow colors and call it a day. Instead, I went for a pop-art-retro kind of feel since I grew up in the 80’s. To imbue that theme into the T-Shirt design, the front of the shirt had the logo in a repeating outlined pattern reflecting the colors of the main logo. I added a half-tone comic book texture to each of the letters along with all of the rainbow colors plus brown, gray and black to reflect a more inclusive world.

For the back side, I took our alt logo of the butterfly created by Wei Wang, and added more splotches of paint on the edges as if it were splashed on the canvas. For the colors, I took the rainbow color wheel and overlaid it on the butterfly then pixelated the colors within to give it a more retro, gamer look. To expand on the front theme of repetition, I took the outline of the butterfly, and echoed outside in a myriad of colors as if it were emanating energy. It then was weaved in and out of the silhouette of the butterfly, giving it a more playful feeling, dancing in and out.“

— David Luong

This event was a chance for our team members to get together and celebrate a profound event with each other. The diverse group of people that makes up our team is the heart of the studio–and we couldn’t be prouder to share what’s to come.


Be part of a miraculous journey