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Our Team and Culture

What does a typical day at Imagendary look like? One of our scene concept artists will lead us on a one-day journey to the studio to answer this question. From his point of view, we will see a tolerant working environment and a pure, open, and inclusive working culture.

Jun Sun

Jun is our scene concept artist, and he has over a decade of expertise in film and gaming concept design, working on projects such as PUBGM, Iron Sky, Monkey King, 749 Ju, Moon Man, and others. He is currently in charge of the main concept design for our CG animation.


I joined Imangendary because when I saw the early concepts of our current project, I immediately fell in love with it, so without hesitation, I joined the team.

Here in Imagendary, I found that all of us were here to work on a great project, pure and simple, so I was also pushed by this momentum to devote myself to it.

I set my goals for the day before going to work, so the moment I walked into the studio, I was already immersed in the fantastic universe of various characters and scenes. My job is to create storyboards and concepts, and from these, I study and consider how they will affect our world and stories.

It’s challenging, but the passion for creativity keeps me going and devoting myself to it. The team is also enthusiastic and aesthetic-focused; they influenced my understanding of animation and IP incubation, motivating me to push myself beyond my comfort zone.

Jun’s personal works



After lunch, we usually have an afternoon brainstorming session with Wei about our projects. Everyone is allowed to discuss and exchange ideas with one another, and Wei always shows respect for each of our thoughts and works to balance creativity and quality.

I especially enjoy the comment section throughout the brainstorming process. Everyone is welcome to comment on others’ ideas, which means the author may obtain feedback from various perspectives to help develop and polish their ideas. As the team continues to work together, our teamwork becomes more mature and fluid while yet retaining our team’s artistic gene. Tacit partners and a tolerant working culture for creativity foster an open and orderly manner at Imagendary, allowing everyone to maximize their potential.


Because the studio has artists and creators from around the world, cross-departmental or even worldwide collaboration is a daily routine for our animation team. We frequently interact with our Irvine partners, and despite the vast distance, we could fully feel their passion and love for animation and new technology as well as the spirit to share. These professionals from Hollywood, Blizzard, and Sony offer their incredible experiences and top skills, and we collaborate to create the most epic content.

Idea bulbs appear to be unsurprising through our idea collision and teamwork. New assignments provide opportunities for creativity, while current projects are being fully explored and developed. In private, we work hard and play harder together like friends. This inclusive and tolerant environment has become my daily source of inspiration and motivation.

After work

After work, I go to my private world, where I can meditate, assemble models, watch movies, and play video games. They are a part of my life, my favorites, and my inspirations. I’ve always wanted to build a fascinating world for our audiences, and I feel that if I stay true to my dreams, they will come true eventually.

When night falls, a new day begins. We may be a new team, but it is safe to believe that a unique, epic, and compelling futuristic universe is being formed in this pure, open, and inclusive culture.


Be part of a miraculous journey