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Friday Beer Time

During the summer, we try to create a fun and comfortable working environment. Our admin team has been brewing a “special” surprise for the team. Imagendary Studios offers a summer exclusive office perk: Beer Time Fridays! Every Friday we will provide afternoon tea and organized group games to reward the team after a long week of hard work. Everyone can enjoy some team bonding over games and afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea

In our lounge, our admin team has prepared rows of rich snacks and special treats ranging from exquisite western-style small cakes, tempting fried chicken platter, mouth-watering Barbecue, and a variety of drinks waiting for our teams. This is a great opportunity for the various teams to mingle, get to know each other, share stories, exchange ideas and be a springboard for future collaborations.

Game time

As tea time concludes, game time begins! These exciting games allow the artists to flex their creativity. Today’s challenge is a paper airplane competition. All participants design their own paper airplane and the one with the longest flight time wins.

Time to size up the competition! “Captains” are ready to fly! Each paper airplane is uniquely designed and put through multiple test runs before the final flight.

The game has officially begun! The hallway has transformed into the flight zone. Two groups are formed to battle it out with their own unique strategic approaches. With their game faces now on, they’ll be taking no prisoners!  The game concludes, and as usual, with good sportsmanship. Our nice admin team provides rewards for all participants.

At Imagendary Studios, we are dedicated to creating exciting moments not only for our internal teams but also for our global community. With positive energy being infectious, we hope this excitement we create within our workplace will be transformed into our creative works and passed on to our global communities of players.


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