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Christmas Eve Party

Christmas Eve is a day of joy and wonder, where people exchange love and blessings with family and friends. But it is also a festival of imagination, where different gifts, planned activities, and decorations help bring the Christmas spirit to life.

We hosted a special Christmas Eve party, where we brought warmth and happiness into our studio. Our members played fun holiday games and enjoyed a memorable night.


Merry Christmas

We captured our studio’s Christmas spirit on our photo wall. We hope it helped lighten up everyone’s holiday season at Imagendary.



Christmas Eve means gifts and surprises! Imagendary Studios was fully prepared. Two of our employees dressed up as Santa Clauses and handed out Christmas Eve apples throughout the studio (in Chinese, the word for apple sounds like the holiday). There was also a special gashapon toy vending machine with Christmas socks inside. We hope that everyone who opened their gashapon balls could feel the love hiding within.



Lunch time! Our members enjoyed a buffet of food to warm them on a chilly day.



After lunch, everyone burned off those extra calories with fun activities, like pot-throwing and board games, becoming closer through their teamwork.



Our Christmas Eve came to an end with smiles and laughter. We ended by celebrating our December staff birthdays, enjoying special-made Christmas cakes and candles.

Christmas is a time of celebration, a day of warmth and giving, for imagination and creation. We believe the curiosity, imagination, and energy embodied in the Christmas spirit are essential to our work.

We are devoted to building a free and open environment where our employees can come create and achieve their dreams. We promise to provide our members with the support needed to nurture their creativity and create legends of their own.

In the future, we look forward to spending some more memorable Christmases with friends from all around the world.


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