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A Day In The Life At Imagendary Studios

At Imagendary Studios, we’ve gathered a team of the best and brightest together to break the rules. So, what’s it like to work here? Let’s take a look at a day in the life of our creative team.

A new day started

The day starts with a steaming hot, complimentary breakfast courtesy of our chefs. After receiving their meal in the dining room, people sit down to eat and talk before getting ready for a hard day’s work.

To build a global, first-class creative studio, proper brainstorming is a must. If people aren’t busy in the morning, we meet face-to-face to discuss important issues. This is a place for ideas to collide. Teammates are free to ask new questions and provide insights, working together to find good ideas. These ideas are then used in the process of story writing, among other things, and help our team clarify goals in the creative process.

Thinking generates inspiration. Inspiration then generates new ideas for our team to discuss in detail.

Lunch and break time

When lunch is over, employees are free to take a nap in the lounge or play games with colleagues. Workers take this time to relax and catch a breath before the second half of the day.

About Brainstorming

Imagendary highly values the sharing of ideas, which happen often through meetings and presentations. On this afternoon, there was a team “sharing session” about the next game, with everyone providing an opinion.

Office discussions help our artists’ creative process, as seen here. Gradually, these discussions help different ideas take shape before coming together to create a desired design.

Game time

Evenings are the most anticipated time of the day. Why? Because it’s game time! At the end of the day, workers can head to the lobby to play the latest games on the big screen. Whether you’re just a “noob” or an experienced player, everyone is welcome. This is another good time for workers to unwind and bond with their colleagues.

Unfortunately, the day is over, but our work is just beginning. When you come to Imagendary, you’ll not only enjoy a more flexible way of working, but also a great atmosphere for you to truly shine.


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