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Our Artists’ Summer Outing

Positive emotions and boundless energy characterize the summertime. Artists from Imagendary Studios in Shanghai spent two days together this summer going on a trip to relax and have fun.

Childhood Once More

Our adventure started a long way from the bustle of the metropolis. Through a series of activities, we were able to rediscover our inner child. Our inner children emerged as we jumped and raced around in the games.


Our artists carried their goal for excellence in their day-to-day work into the games. These boys and girls plotted their strategies and rooted for their teammates.

We always believe there’s a young, eternal part of every artist’s soul that never dies. This particular part is the source of boundless imagination and creativity, driven by a natural curiosity about the world and a yearning to learn more about it. Our game is the vibrant fantasy world we make for people like ourselves.


Friends of Nature

Nature has bestowed us a wonderful Earth, complete with expansive meadows and serene lakes, and this is our continual source of inspiration and wonder. We got out into the wilderness, away from the clamor and haste, where we sweated in the summer heat, experienced genuine joy, and rediscovered our true selves.





We roamed around the lake and sped on the sands. There’s certain ease about finding joy in nature. Molecules of happiness and comfort are sent by the slapping of water on the face, the rising dust from the ground, and the passing of a summer breeze, all of which trigger the production of energizing dopamine.

Our artists are encouraged to go out and have new experiences to spark new ideas and fresh perspectives. We think that an enjoyable life is what fuels one’s imagination. A borderless life brings borderless imagination and creation. Maybe the roar of an engine, the gleam in a child’s eye, or the rustle of a leaf are all beautiful stories waiting to be told.


Art and Music

There are numerous connections between beautiful things, and art is the ideal medium for showcasing these connections. Our artists gathered together under the summer sky, sang songs, ate and drank, and dreamed of the future.

Fireworks burst brilliantly in the immense blackness of the night. They glow and flourish without restraint, painting a picture in the minds of artists and leaving an impression on their hearts. After a brief summer break, Imagendary is back and ready to continue its creative journey. We have faith that our projects will be like these fireworks, dazzling the world with our most beautiful gestures.

We expect that more would join us to lighten the brightest star of our lives in every summer night in the future.


Be part of a miraculous journey