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Reading Club | Immersing yourself in art

In an era where art is becoming increasingly difficult to define, it has become essential for us to push our boundaries and venture into a variety of fields. At Imagendary, we are constantly trying to broaden our horizons and find inspiration, laying the groundwork for our future creations. To accomplish this, we’ve created a studio library for all our colleagues to share ideas and have brainstorming sessions.

Studio  Library

The library, located on the first floor of our office, contains various books, literature, and artworks that can be referenced based on the needs of our colleagues. Everything is free to read and share, and the ideas within contain the sparks that help ignite our imaginations.

Sharing Session

In addition to our library, we also have regular group reading sessions where we can share our thoughts and ideas.

Today’s book, To Everyone’s Western Art History, by Xun Jiang, timelines the work of artists from various genres through the history of the Mediterranean, illustrating the development and origins of Western artwork over the course of several thousand years. Jiang also documents examples of hundreds of world-class masterpieces, expanding on their contribution to Western art as a whole.

Our presenter, or “sharer”, summarized the book’s background and content, sharing their own thoughts as well. With an elegant presentation and Q&A session, both sharer and audience became immersed in a colorful world.

From mysterious Egypt to glorious Rome, from the Nile Valley in northern Africa 5000 years ago to the bustling 19th century Industrial Revolution, paintings, sculptures, and architecture form the world as we know it. At the end of the presentation, everyone shared their own thoughts and ideas:

“The beauty of art has always been constant; it is simply its form that is refreshed by history.”

“As I learned about the origins and evolution of Western Art’s pursuit of aesthetics, I began to consider the direction of art in the future. In addition to selecting from various genres and values, we now face more challenges than ever when creating artwork.”

“The author and the sharer kept bringing us interesting stories one after the other. The structures of light and shadow and visual expressions helped push my understanding of aesthetics to the next level.”

Life may keep you on the move, but remember to take breaks for reading and thinking. In this age of pragmatism and short attention spans, the reading corner and sharing sessions offer Imagendary staff a space to share ideas and relax. Books broaden our horizons, cultivate our empathy, and provide us with new knowledge, all helping to rekindle our ingenuity.


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