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Open Studio Day

One of the many perks of working at Imagendary Studios is that we host a quarterly “Open Studio Day” to welcome our family and friends to our office. As important pillars of our lives, they are the ones who get us through hard times and cheer us on during our most successful moments. They help motivate us to be our best.  Providing this opportunity to showcase what we do to our loved ones, we believe this helps to build a community where our family and friends can take pride in our mission.

Our little furry friends also love our “Open Studio Day”. Every Friday at Imagendary Studios is a “Pet Day”. They get to accompany us to work and meet many new friends.  They get excited by all the extra attention and special treats from our teams and families. We get to foster a greater sense of camaraderie among coworkers when we share our friendship with our furry friends.

Cute animal collection

Ladao, our lively husky is enjoying his time at work. As a VIP guest at the office and with his beautiful blue eyes along with his sense of curiosity is a great ambassador for our studio.

This little friend is a big hit in the studio. As a social butterfly, he never hesitates to show his charisma to others and enjoys being spoiled by his new friends in the office.

This bow-wearing cat named Snowball only needs to exhibit a little bit of charm to attract all the attention. For those unable to raise cats, but love their charming animal comfort, this is the perfect way to get one’s spiritual feline fix at the workplace!

This four-month-old little kitty named “Boss” arrived in our meeting room the other day. It doesn’t shy away from people and calmly lies down in the table cracks reviewing the work results of our “two-legged beasts.”

Standing in this small cage looking out to this big wild world is this cute hamster named “Duo Duo.” The human world fascinates him and he ponders what lies in the heart of this magical place called Imagendary Studios?

While we play with these furry friends, we do not forget to provide extra treats for our special guests. Just like at home, we make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Snowball is being fed his favorite food, cat strip.

Our male Schnauzer is enjoying his bowl of water.

Time with animals

We strive for a healthy work-life balance. Throughout the year, hopefully, our many ‘Pet Days’ will provide an opportunity to interact with these animals and help teach us how to relax at work.

Not even our fearless leader and studio founder, Wei Wang, can resist the magic of our cute furry friends, even during meeting times. Harmonious moments like this help balance work and life.

This pink-white gecko named “Assi” with its fragile physique is juxtaposed with the owner’s rigid office equipment. Sometimes, pets are just there to quietly accompany people with their calming and relaxing effects.

During the break, coworkers sat together and shared their own pet experiences. These little furry friends, which are always the center of attention, also joined the conversation. Laughter always seems to follow them wherever they go.

These days, spending time with animals has shown their deep love, innocence, and selflessness for humans. At home, they loyally accompany us. In the office, they help ease stress and anxiety. With the help of our furry little friends, coworkers can make deeper connections and engage in conversation topics of common interests and hobbies. We are committed to providing a relaxed atmosphere, respecting the lives of employees, and breaking away from the conventional norms. Bring your furry little friends and join us for ‘Pet Day’ at Imagendary Studios!


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