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OGI War Room: XIX Union Units

Office of General Intelligence (OGI), a vital division within the mighty XIX Union, is tasked with collecting and analyzing intelligence. Operating from the OGI War Room, Tactical Instructor Yang decrypts confidential tactical data sourced from ASTROPULSE. This encompasses troop details, weaponry, vehicles, and strategic elements. Our primary focus lies in understanding the XIX’s military and comprehending intelligence related to our adversaries.


The XIX Union’s Special Assault and Field Extraction (S.A.F.E.) boasts an unparalleled reputation. Aligned with the Third Legion, S.A.F.E. stands as an elite force, and their hallmark lies in an arsenal of biotech marvels, a testament to the XIX Union’s pioneering Biotech Department. Clad in protective gear, they move like phantoms—identities concealed, but their lethal biotech weaponry unmistakable. Fear, palpable, grips the hearts of their adversaries.


S.A.F.E.’s history dates back to the Engineer’s Antarctic expedition that successfully extracted the V virus. Covertly transferred to XIX Technology, some of its members assumed pivotal roles, overseeing the execution of the Third Eye Project. Their mission: recruit elite individuals—military and biochemical experts—for classified endeavors.

Leveraging global military alliances and scientific prowess, the inaugural S.A.F.E. took shape. Their training, brutal and unforgiving, yielded a survival rate of a mere 1.6%. These shadow warriors participated in XIX Technology’s covert operations, their existence veiled until the Regal Princess incident in 2034.

A curious police officer in Sosnovy Bor captured an enigmatic soldier on film—a revelation that cost local law enforcement their lives during a subsequent evacuation operation. Until the Doomsday Crisis of 2035, the original S.A.F.E. remained a secret, known only to the president and the company’s founders.

As chaos enveloped the world and the Infected emerged in 2036, the first Species War ignited. During this tumultuous era, the Tower issued a directive to XIX Technology: expand S.A.F.E.’s ranks and elevate their weaponry and equipment.

In 2043, Arthur Hughes, then president of XIX Technology, orchestrated a coup against the Tower and the New Coalition in North America. As XIX Technology transformed into the XIX Union, all records of the first-generation S.A.F.E. members vanished, replaced by a new narrative. They were reclassified as a special force within the XIX Union’s Third Legion, receiving both combat training and technical expertise. Thus, the second generation of S.A.F.E. was born.

In 2045, Operation Razor marked the latest S.A.F.E’s first military debut. Initially tasked with supporting the First Legion, S.A.F.E. distinguished themselves by leading successful assaults against the Infected hordes. In 2047, Arthur Hughes announced the triumphant completion of Operation Razor. S.A.F.E., stepping into the limelight for the first time, emerged as XIX’s iconic force.



Named after the Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld, the Ereshkigals stand as the XIX Union’s basic bio-soldiers within the Third Legion.

The Ereshkigals are artificially modified Infected. They metamorphose into controllable bio-infantry, adapting to wield diverse weapons and ammunition. Initially tasked with combating the feral Infected during the First Species War, they soon became XIX’s weapon against the surviving humans.

Their origin dates back to 2036, a secret research program spanning decades and costing billions. The toll on innocent experimenters remains incalculable. Yet, alongside the enigmatic B.L.A.D.E., the Ereshkigals played a pivotal role in the XIX Union’s rise—a post-apocalyptic superpower forged in blood and myth.



The B.L.A.D.E. is a series of super soldiers developed by the XIX Union, serving under the Third Legion. Each B.L.A.D.E. soldier is a living weapon platform that can be equipped with various weapons through bio-modification surgery, depending on the combat scenario. However, the intensity of this bio-modification surgery is so great that only the outcasts can withstand and survive it.


In 2042, XIX Technology captured an enigmatic creature—a hybrid of Infected and human. Dubbed the Outcast, it bore a deformed physique yet retained human cognition.

Dr. Kevin Stiller, XIX’s Biotech Director, theorized that these beings could withstand intensive bio-modifications, birthing the concept of superior bio-soldiers. With Arthur’s approval, Stiller initiated Project Thanatos, fusing biotechnology to create B.L.A.D.E. (Bio-Logical Augmented and Developed Entity).

Unlike the Ereshkigals, B.L.A.D.E. transcended mere combat capabilities. Surgically equipped with diverse weaponry, each unit featured a Crucible system for mind control. Resistance triggered instant incineration of their central nervous system.

In Operation Razor, the first five B.L.A.D.E. units cleared an Infected-overrun town within 2 hours—a testament to their lethal efficiency. With logistical support, they could achieve the impossible: total clearance within an hour.

Following Operation Razor, B.L.A.D.E. ascended to the ranks of elite bio-soldiers, grouping with the Ereshkigals to form the backbone of the Third Legion. Supported by S.A.F.E., the Third Legion achieved a comprehensive combat form and capability.


The Infected

The Infected are mutated organisms, victims of the V virus, no longer resemble regular humans. Their defining traits include hair loss, emaciation, bloodthirstiness, and a complete loss of human consciousness.

Mobility: Beware their agility. Infected can swiftly close in from hundreds of meters away, evading conventional long-range weapons.

Known Variations:

Sprinters: Agile and diverse, they run, jump, and pounce. Their speed rivals that of a moving car. Concentrated barrage is recommended for effective elimination.
Brutes: Less agile but formidable. Their size allows them to demolish concrete and metal. Ordinary bullets won’t suffice; anti-material weapons are essential.
In this perilous landscape, adaptability and precision are our greatest allies.


Despite most Infected vanishing into the enigmatic southern region during the Dark Tide, the term still haunts war survivors.

In 2036, the Eastern European plains succumbed to a radiation haze—a dead zone surpassing Chernobyl’s legacy. The Neon Haze emerged, defying life itself. Within the nearby refugee camps, rabid violence and cannibalistic horrors unfolded. From the Neon Haze, mutant humans surged forth, marking the Infected’s chilling debut. The First Species War loomed.

During the decade-long war, the Infected razed human settlements worldwide. In a desperate bid for survival, the temporary government launched Project Heimdallr, constructing five Havens (Dawn, Daybreak, Fuxi, Izumo, and Odin) as humanity’s last bastions.

In 2044, the Infected migrated en masse southward, granting humanity respite. Operation Razor in 2045 decimated North America’s Infected, concluding the First Species War. Post-war, the Infected still roam uninhabited wilds, now hunted by bounty seekers.


The time for reckoning is now

A new Age is upon us

-Unknown voices from the darkness