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Astropulse Academy: V Virus

Welcome to Astropulse Academy, where we delve into the enigma of the V virus—a world-altering force in ASTROPULSE: REINCARNATION. Our journey traces its origin, spread, and mutations, unraveling the secrets behind this cryptic pathogen. Prepare for insights that precede the events unveiled in our thrilling trailer.


The Tower

The Tower, veiled in history’s shadows, emerges as a pivotal player in ASTROPULSE. Across early civilizations, it subtly shaped politics, economy, religion, and culture—a silent architect of human destiny.

In the 1980s, the Engineer, The Tower’s enigmatic leader, unveiled the Third Eye Project. Its audacious goal is to transform humanity by unlocking wisdom and clairvoyance through evolution. Paleontological clues led the Engineer to a mysterious substance that ignited species development eons ago.

In 2006, Ohio State University researchers pointed to subterranean Antarctic cavities, reigniting the quest for this elusive substance. The wheel of evolution turned anew.


Tiamat’s Tear

In 2007, The Tower covertly influenced the Antarctic Treaty, sealing off the Wilkes region under the guise of environmental conservation. For over a decade, the Engineer conducted covert surveys of the Wilkes Glacier, thwarted by excavation constraints.

In December 2018, the Engineer’s 14th expedition drilled into the meteorite crater near Lake Vostok. There, they unearthed a frozen insect specimen—the blue amber-like Tiamat’s Tear.

Within this ancient insect’s egg lay a triple-stranded DNA genome, dubbed the “V-Virus”. Its unpredictable mutations held the key to unlocking evolution—a whimsical fantasy now feasible.


XIX Technology

In 2019, The Tower covertly acquired multinational pharmaceutical giants, birthing XIX Technology. By 2029, their global drug network hummed with V-Virus-infused products—240 drugs, antibiotics, and vaccines from the World Health Organization’s list.

In 2030, The Tower’s clandestine influence reached governments worldwide. XIX Technology’s V-Virus-laced supplies surged globally. By 2031, a quarter of the world’s 9 billion population had unwittingly embarked on an enigmatic evolutionary journey.


The Unrest

In 2032, patients exposed to XIX Technology drugs and vaccines reported peculiar after-effects: deformities, abnormalities, and endocrine disorders. Defined as Type I patients, they numbered between 250 and 300 million. Concerns arose, questioning the safety of XIX Technology’s products.

Soon, the truth was exposed by a young scientist: these products harbored an unknown virus, tacitly approved by governments themselves. To protect stock prices and vested interests, global interest groups distorted facts and suppressed protesters.

As XIX Technology solidified its military-industrial presence, it supported governments’ stability efforts. Armed riots waned, but the V-Virus silently spread through human hosts, laying the groundwork for a global crisis.


Doomsday Crisis

In 2035, urban chaos escalated as virulent V-virus variants ravaged densely populated areas. The World Health Organization marked global supercities as Red Zones, mandating evacuation.

On Christmas Eve 2035, extremists of the Doomsday Cult hijacked Russia’s Dead Hand 2.0 system, triggering a “nuclear cleanse” on the entire Volga River basin—the Doomsday Crisis. Two million civilians vanished in the initial nuclear blast and the ensuing radiation. The situation deteriorated beyond control, the fallout accelerated the V-virus hosts’ mutation, transforming them into the Infected, which overwhelmed the continent before governments could react.

Thus began the first Species War: mankind’s desperate battle against the Infected.


The First Species War

As the Species War raged, the world lay in ruins. Human armies, once triumphant, crumbled before the relentless Infected. Forced to retreat, they clung to surviving enclaves.

In 2038, orbital nuclear weapons halted the Infected’s advance but birthed the Neon Haze—an ominous haze that disrupted global communication. As aviation faltered, continents became isolated islands.

By 2039, the Species War’s third year had razed over half of global urban centers. Surviving mega-cities, fortified by oceans, coalesced into the New Coalition. It launched a desperate plan: Project Heimdallr, to erect massive barriers encircling five metropolitan Havens: Aegis Dawn, Aegis Daybreak, Aegis Fuxi, Aegis Izumo, and Aegis Odin. These Havens and Aegis Barriers stood as humanity’s final defense against the Infected and the V-Virus.



The time for reckoning is now

A new Age is upon us

-Unknown voices from the darkness