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Astropulse Academy: Antarctic

Welcome to the Astropulse Academy, where we explore the captivating world of ASTROPULSE. Our journey takes us to the Antarctic continent, featured in the PV of ASTROPULSE: REINCARNATION. We’ll uncover its unique geography, landscapes, and wildlife, revealing the intricate details of this mesmerizing world.



As the trailer kicks off, we’re greeted with a chilling sight – a frozen wasteland, a frigid hell completely encased in ice and snow. This is Antarctica as depicted in ASTROPULSE, mirroring real-world geographical events but with its own unique twists.

In the distant past, before the Earth’s tectonic plates broke apart (around 573 million to 180 million years ago), Antarctica was a part of the Gondwana supercontinent. In the ASTROPULSE timeline, a colossal meteorite, about 55.6 kilometers in diameter, struck the southern hemisphere of Gondwana at the end of the Permian period, 250 million years ago. This area is now known as the eastern part of Antarctica, specifically the Wilkes region.

According to the narrative of ASTROPULSE, this meteorite impact, far more intense than the one that marked the end of the Cretaceous period, was the catalyst for the plate breakup and drift that occurred over the next 50 million years. The geological upheavals and abrupt temperature drop it triggered led to the great extinction event that spanned the Permian-Triassic period, forever altering the course of Antarctica’s history.


Iris Naught

Buried deep within the Antarctic glaciers lies a massive pit that defies both seasonal landscapes and gravity, continuously emitting energy. From an aerial view, it resembles a deeply sunken eye. This is Iris Naught, the very cradle of the ASTROPULSE universe.

Iris Naught plunges nearly 10 kilometers beneath the glaciers, forming an immense cavity. Its original structure stems from a giant meteorite that collided with an ancient continent 250 million years ago. But an even more intriguing hypothesis suggests that this impact unleashed a mysterious energy – the Astropulse – confined within the meteorite’s core, from the remote depths of the universe. The radiation from this energy triggered drastic mutations in the surrounding species, disrupted the Earth’s magnetic poles, and ultimately sparked the birth of evolution and intelligence.

Hundreds of millions of years after the dramatic transformations induced by this impact, Iris Naught and the ancient Astropulse concealed within it were reawakened. It once again served as a nurturing ground for a brand new species and civilization, marking the birthplace of the Apostle Hall.


The Origin Mountains

The Origin Mountains, a majestic range that includes valleys, glaciers, and steep ice fields, cradle the Iris Naught. They also extend to a vast jungle area that defies the usual seasons. The entire region is under the sway of the Astropulse, resulting in significant disturbances and anomalies in the gravitational field, with the intensity waning the further you get from the Iris Naught.

This unique geographical structure owes its existence to a meteorite impact. The energy unleashed by the impact caused the earth’s crust to bulge and fracture, sculpting the dramatic terrain of the Origin Mountains. This includes towering mountain ranges that reach for the sky and vast valleys that plunge into the ice field. Over hundreds of millions of years, the relentless flow and erosion of glacier rivers have further chiseled this fragmented landscape, making it even more rugged.


Smolder Scarab

Prominently featured in the trailer is an ancient insect, the Smolder Scarab, a unique creature that has called this area home since time immemorial. Measuring an average of 20 cm to 30 cm in length, this hard-shelled insect has been under the continuous influence of the Astropulse’s radiation. Around 13 million years ago, this venerable species nearly vanished for reasons still unknown. Yet, a handful of these insects and their eggs survived, frozen in the glaciers, and became the genesis of the V virus. As the narrative unfolds, the Astropulse reawakens millions of years later and its energy disperses across the region. This event triggers a resurgence in the Smolder Scarab, long thought extinct, and it emerges as a symbol of a nascent and enigmatic civilization.


The time for reckoning is now

A new Age is upon us

-Unknown voices from the darkness