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Senior Level Designer

Irvine, California. Game Design October 15, 2022

Job Title:
Senior Level Designer

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Job Description:

Imagendary Studios is seeking an experienced and talented Senior Level Designer to join our core team developing high quality AAA games in Unreal Engine 5. You will be responsible for the development of memorable gameplay experiences and the design of inspiring worlds for an upcoming narrative-driven 3rd person action-adventure title. The ideal candidate should be proven in creating player-facing experiences through level design, mission design, and collaborating on cross-disciplinary content in game worlds.


  • Develop, implement, and modify level design concepts and story driven narrative moments to celebrate the gameplay and narrative flow for a new IP, both at a high level (on paper) and in software (game tools).
  • Work collaboratively with senior leadership to develop all aspects of the project’s single player level content from concept to ship, including 2D maps, mission outlines, 3D level blockouts, test gyms, test levels, level design kits, kit bashing and other gameplay features as they relate to level design and world building.
  • Strong cross disciplinary skills relating to art and engineering. Must be able to work with environment art to establish best practices when building environments for levels as well as work with engineering for design features needed in scripting/code.
  • Familiar with various console and PC RPG elements, level design and world building methodologies in popular 3rd person console titles and can speak to implementation of those both in and out of software.
  • Work closely with engineering, design, and production disciplines to prototype and implement level / world design tools and block geo.
  • Understand, utilize, and follow best practices when building software with other team members. You hold scripting standards and level building metrics with high regard and champion them amongst the team.
  • Utilize user testing, metrics, player feedback, team feedback, and a multitude of other diverse analytics to improve, iterate and refine the player experience throughout the development of the product.
  • Contribute to the growth of a startup studio.


  • Experience as a Level Designer on more than one shipped title.
  • You have shipped at least one AAA game as a primary contributor or owner for several levels regarding level design as it relates to 3rd person action adventure games and shooting.
  • Strong logic and visual scripting skills (aka Blueprint) and are comfortable working directly with engineering support staff and other technical designers.
  • Excellent visual and artistic layout skills regarding level geometry and level biomes. You can easily marry scale and metrics with beautiful but functional level design.
  • Prefer working hands-on with prototype levels to prove that the game mechanics are fun and exciting for players.
  • Can easily receive and provide constructive criticism both up and down the chain of command.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; willing to speak to all team members regarding the vision and direction for level design.
  • Highly self-motivated and driven by the player experience; you are willing to take the initiative to make the best player experience possible.
  • Unreal Engine tools or similar experience.


  • You have led, managed, or mentored other designers in a small team atmosphere.
  • Both text based and node based scripting experience.
  • A degree in Computer Science or equivalent field.
  • An art portfolio.
  • Love for all things Sci Fi

Imagendary Studios launched in 2021 with the vision to develop the next generation of IP, story, and world building for AAA games and cinematic animations.

We are committed to building a global community that embraces collaboration, creativity, and delivering the highest quality work. At Imagendary we believe that by building a global community that embraces diversity, authenticity, and inclusivity we will succeed in delivering the most unique and extraordinary entertainment experience to players and audiences across the world.

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