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Senior Gameplay Engineer

Irvine, California. Game Design October 3, 2022

Job Title:
Senior Gameplay Engineer

Job Type:

Job Description:
Imagendary Studios is seeking an awesome Senior Gameplay Engineer to join our Game Team to provide technical expertise to our studio. The ideal candidate has experience in building, improving, and maintaining gameplay systems for multiple shipped AAA games. As a Senior Gameplay Engineer, you will work with all internal teams, to contribute to the creation of memorable gameplay experiences in UE5.


  • Develop, debug, and implement C++ code in the Unreal Engine Codebase as it relates to gameplay features for a 3rd person action adventure game.
  • Can easily write player centric gameplay code that is performant, modular and extensible while utilizing the plugin features for Unreal’s codebase.
  • Plan, collaborate and build debug tools for various gameplay features for all strike teams.
  • Provide support for code repositories and versioning of the engine in these code repositories such as Git and P4.  Can debug and fix issues regarding all parts of the engine as it relates to gameplay.
  • Work with the design department to write performant friendly Blueprints that are extensible and can easily transfer to code with minimal rework.
  • Work directly on gameplay prototypes with other disciplines to find the fun quickly and get performant results on screen.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to take an early-stage incubation project to shipment as a AAA action-adventure experience.
  • Constantly help solve technical problems across various strike teams relating to the Unreal Engine and its editor as well as its code base.
  • Maintain and profile the code base for optimal performance as it relates to the added gameplay features for the project and its underpinnings in Unreal Engine.
  • Sets strict standards for all code and blueprint related work to ensure consistency, functionality and performance across the project.
  • Contribute to the growth of a startup studio.
  • Work directly with various console hardware and software to develop and maintain the game from concept to ship.
  • Work with production to develop the schedule for timely deliveries of all features across the game for yourself and other engineers.
  • Plan, create and deploy multi-discipline centric TDD’s (Technical Design Documents) for game and engine features.


  • 4+ years of gameplay development experience as an engineer on Triple A games.
  • Can easily work with the Design department to understand and breakdown gameplay concepts in order to plan and build them in code.
  • Expert level knowledge of C/C++ programming and debugging as it relates to action games in a shooting context.
  • Highly experienced in Unreal Engine and Blueprints.
  • Advanced knowledge of 3D math for game programming.
  • Ability to keep up with technical innovation and trends in Gameplay Engineering.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Strong collaboration skills across all disciplines.


  • Experience developing 3rd person shooter titles.
  • Engineering management of small teams.
  • Passion for gaming.
  • Any passion for specialization in C++ like AI or Rendering.

Imagendary Studios was launched in January 2021 with a vision to be the IP development of stories and world building for the next generation AAA games and cinematic animations. Imagendary has 150+ team members with two locations in Irvine California and Shanghai China. We are committed to building a global community that embraces diversity, authenticity and creativity. We provide generous benefits and perks with an eye on balancing true work and life. It is our goal to shape and build a strong collaborative and creative environment, an inclusive and diverse workplace culture, and professional growth training opportunities. Our people are everything and our goal is clear. We strive to deliver the most unique and extraordinary entertainment experience to players and audiences across the world. Join us!

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