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Senior Enemy Designer

US & Canada. Game Design January 10, 2023

Job Title:
Senior Enemy Designer

Job Type:

Job Description:
Imagendary Studios is searching for a highly motivated and talented Senior Enemy Designer to join our Game Team, providing game design expertise for an early-stage incubation project. As a Senior Enemy Designer, you will be driving enemy design through all phases of development, collaborating with artists, engineers, and designers to create memorable gameplay experiences for all skill levels in UE5.

Design, build, prototype and bug fix enemies  for a AAA 3rd person shooter / action-adventure title from concept to ship
Build enemy behaviors and attack patterns utilizing existing in engine scripts and code as well as help build custom AI that augment and support a single player experience while challenging the player at every level of the game.
Work with fellow designers to balance enemy difficulty as the player progresses through the entirety of the game.
Collaborate with internal teams, including Design, Animation, engineering and sound, to deliver compelling enemies both big and small relative to the player experience
Serve as an expert in the areas of enemy design regarding AI behaviors, behavior trees, behavior commands, weapon and ability pairings,, health and damage, enemy attack theory, and boss encounters.
Familiarity with player centric design theory for ranged combat and what challenges the player in a 3rd person context for shooting.
Help define boss behaviors and their attack patterns that reinforce player challenges.
Work directly with AI engineers to define new behaviors and tools needed to make cutting edge AI for fun and engaging enemies.
Prototype AI behaviors and enemies in engine to get things on screen quickly to prove the fun.
Clearly and Concisely document enemy designs and features for the entire team.
Work with production to clearly scope the breadth and depth of enemy designs for the entire game and what is needed for a full production cycle regarding time.
Can adapt to production schedule changes easily and tailor designs to fit without losing the fun.
Contribute to the growth of a startup studio.

4+ years of professional experience as a game designer for console games.
Scripting or programming experience in Blueprint or other similar industry tools.
Have shipped 2 AAA titles as an  enemy designer for a 3rd person shooter.
Deep experience with analyzing current 3rd person shooters on the market and can speak to specific examples of best in class enemy design.
Experienced with workflow and best practices in Unreal Engine.
Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.

Love for all things SciFi.
AI programming

Some of our Benefits:
100% Paid Medical/ Dental/Vision Coverage for yourself and your family
Remote Work
Annual Performance Bonus
401k Matching
4 weeks vacation per year
80 hours of sick time per year
12 paid company holidays per year
2 floating holidays per year
Additional paid time off such as generous parental leave, jury duty, bereavement leave, etc.

This job has a base hiring range $110,000 USD – $160,000 USD in California, where our HQ is located. If you live in the US outside of California or in Canada, please speak with one of our recruiters directly for hiring range information which can differ based on market location.

About Us:
Imagendary Studios launched in 2021 with the vision to develop the next generation of IP, story, and world building for AAA games and cinematic animations. We are committed to building a global community that embraces collaboration, creativity, and delivering the highest quality work. At Imagendary we believe that by building a global community that embraces diversity, authenticity, and inclusivity we will succeed in delivering the most unique and extraordinary entertainment experience to players and audiences across the world.

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