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Narrative Designer

Irvine, California. Games Writing August 18, 2022

Job Title:
Narrative Designer

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Job Description:
Imagendary Studios is seeking an awesome Narrative Designer to join our core team to provide narrative expertise to our studio. The ideal candidate has experience working on action- adventure titles for console or PC. Your duties will include establishing the essential voice and running theme for the plot and characters, building the core dialogue for all characters, and maintaining story and dialogue integrity through all stages of development.


  • Collaborate with the Design Director and Chief Creative Officer to establish the essential voice and running theme for the main plot, main character, and all subsequent characters for the entirety of an Action-Adventure game.
  • Utilizing existing world building narrative material, deduce logical and well thought out characters, through lines, sub plots, motivations, and conflicts for these characters inside of a vast and deep IP.
  • Build core dialogue for all characters throughout the game for systemically driven dialogue as well as forced non-interactive sequences.
  • Establish best practices and documentation for supporting the narrative in both written form and software within & outside the game engine.
  • Bring story to life through visual scripting and audio implementation in editors like the Unreal engine.
  • Work closely with other disciplines including production, design, engineering, and audio to maintain story and dialogue integrity throughout all forms of the story and all phases of development.
  • Develop proper timelines and schedules with production for completing various narrative and game related tasks.
  • Independently develop supporting story elements throughout the game world that include secondary quests, missions, items, text, audio dictation and supporting text scroll for all elements of the game, including UI related elements.
  • Guide localization efforts with the cinematics team, including in game timing of all subtitles, closed captions, and other accessibility features.
  • Partner with the Level Design team to build proper levels that adhere to the plot and story of the game as they drive the motivation behind the game play.
  • Can easily work inside scheduling and collaboration related software such as Jira, Confluence, MS Project and Miro to help build proper deadlines and meet key deliverables.
  • Be the “go to” resource on the team for narrative related questions and work. You will be responsible for narrative cohesion and accuracy regarding all forms of internally and externally sourced story elements.
  • Contribute to the growth of a startup studio.


  •  You have 3+ years writing experience working on action-adventure titles for console or PC with 1 shipped title.
  • You are extremely familiar with storytelling tools as they relate to big budget action titles with epic story lines.
  • Content Editing and Copy Editing are a breeze and you can do these without issue.
  • You enjoy the research aspect of narrative design and dig into the details with factual background information to better inform your work.
  • You like creating stories for players to discover as well as provide subtle context for forced narrative situations in the game. You are familiar with the aspects of push/pull driven mechanics that drive player choices.
  • You are a champion of communication and love to talk story. You provide a natural voice across the entire team for story accuracy and maintain cohesion amongst all disciplines when changes arise.
  • You engage easily with others and can help with recruiting efforts for various supportive roles on the narrative team.
  • You thrive in a fast paced, high stakes environment and pivot easily.
  • You have strong software skills involving all writing tools including MS Office, Final Draft, Twine, etc.
  • You enjoy narrative constructs that motivate player choice but also reflect that choice in game play. You understand the design discipline well and can speak to design related conceits in a AAA game development environment.


  • You have led, managed, or mentored other narrative designers in a small team atmosphere.
  • Experience with Mandarin as a written and spoken language
  • Love for all things Sci Fi

Imagendary Studios was launched in January 2021 with a vision to be the IP development of stories and world building for the next generation AAA games and cinematic animations. We have 150+ team members with two locations in Irvine California and Shanghai China. We are committed to building a global community that embraces diversity, authenticity and creativity. We provide generous benefits and perks with an eye on balancing true work and life. We’ve worked hard to shape and build a strong collaborative and creative environment, an inclusive and diverse workplace culture, and professional growth training opportunities. Our people are everything and our goal is clear. We strive to deliver the most unique and extraordinary entertainment experience to players and audiences across the world. Join us!

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