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Build Engineer

Irvine, California. Game Design July 28, 2022

Job Title:
Build Engineer

Job Type:

Job Description:
Imagendary Studios is looking for a talented, driven, and experienced Unreal Build and Pipeline Engineer to join our core team developing high quality AAA games and cinematics. You will be responsible for creating a robust pipeline utilizing Unreal Engines Game Sync software (UGS) that will be the foundation for all developers at the studio.  You will monitor and maintain proper build health of the game as we strive to craft iconic visual worlds that will evoke the imaginations of players and audiences all over the world.


  • Plan, build, develop, deploy and maintain an Unreal Engine 5 development pipeline for a AAA 3rd person action game from the ground up.
  • Establish a working relationship with all existing engineering staff, support staff, and game developers to ensure a smooth and successful launch of Unreal Game Sync (UGS) and its necessary requirements.
  • Can work closely with all IT personnel and web backend technologies to deploy a working development environment for all disciplines, including animation, art, design and engineering teams.
  • Familiar with both onsite and offsite pipeline and development requirements, ensuring safety and security at all phases of development and deployment.
  • Can successfully augment, change and service UGS clients with both tools support and knowledge.  Can easily help guide and lead the development of tool changes with fellow developers.

More About You:

  • Deep experience with content management systems like Perforce that integrate heavily into the architecture and pipeline of Unreal.
  • Are comfortable authoring, fixing, and maintaining CI/CIS enabled messaging as it relates to build health for the game.
  • Fluent in Unreal technologies and underpinnings.  Can easily understand and work inside of C++, SQL, ASP.NET, REST API, Windows Servers, Windows Clients, AWS, .NET and all other required software and languages for an Unreal Development environment.
  • Experienced in Unreal Engine and its WYSIWYG editor as a game development tool and its system requirements when developing AAA games for both artists and engineers.
  • You pride yourself on clear communication both verbally and written.  You are comfortable defining parameters and requirements for the full leadership team.
  • You are easily able to work with other team members who are less technical and can walk clients through troubleshooting problems both big and small.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Must be able to work on PST and have flexibly for on-call build emergencies


  • Passion for game development and 3rd person action adventure games.
  • Familiar with Hollywood film production and vfx teams for the film industry.
  • Led, managed or mentored fellow engineers in a small team atmosphere.
  • Love for all things Sci Fi.

Imagendary Studios was launched in January 2021 with a vision to be the IP development of stories and world building for the next generation AAA games and cinematic animations. Imagendary has 50+ team members with two locations in Irvine California and Shanghai China. We are committed to building a global community that embraces diversity, authenticity and creativity. We provide generous benefits and perks with an eye on balancing true work and life. It is our goal to shape and build a strong collaborative and creative environment, an inclusive and diverse workplace culture, and professional growth training opportunities. Our people are everything and our goal is clear. We strive to deliver the most unique and extraordinary entertainment experience to players and audiences across the world. Join us!


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