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Behind IP Incubation: Our Authors

Our founder, Wei, once remarked, “A good story must endure. With this in mind, our objective is to build the basis of a high-quality IP and grow it into unique worlds that can be explored indefinitely.” In the past year of expanding our team with worldwide talents, we have focused on establishing a highly efficient international creative organization, creating and refining the universe and storylines of our IP. With a solid narrative framework, our creative teams would be able to freely experiment and innovate. In Imagendary, we have a unique narrative team for world-building; they come from a variety of professions and have different hobbies, and they all invest their passion for creativity for the sole aim of making our content epic.


A History Enthusiast Walking In The Fields

Yanyan Zhang, a doctor of history from Sun Yat-sen University, is our world builder. She is a novelist, article contributor, and translator who is skilled at constructing scientific and rational historical languages into aesthetic worldviews.

Yanyan is exceptionally passionate about creative writing in various genres, including science fiction, popular culture, and classical culture. She has a writing experience of more than two million words. Her passion for history and the humanities is of enormous assistance in world-building.

She has a unique passion for field traveling in her spare time. In her opinion, this method aids her in acquiring knowledge, particularly in human geography and natural history; furthermore, studying the fields could assist in developing her thinking skills; both contribute to her world-building endeavors.

“To put it simply, it’s a learning journey. Many of us travel as tourists and visitors, visiting famous attractions, but I’m fascinated by how these people live, and how is their culture formed? These thoughts enrich the trip experience.”

Yanyan believes that the world-building team at Imagendary Studios appreciates the passion and flexibility of creativity. “This is why I prefer Imagendary,” she says. “Passion and independence are the starting point of originality, whereas commercialization is an unavoidable shackle. The culture I perceived in the studio was one of exploring the possibility of creativity as best we could in a commercialized industry. We respect and trust creation here, and the synergy between authors and artists pervades our daily work. With bravery, I aspire to contribute my work and prosper with the team in the industry.”


A Passionate World Explorer

Yang Yang is our localization translator and world-building designer. He formerly served as the Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm localization lead at Blizzard China, and localization manager at Tencent and NetEase.

To Yang Yang, joining the world-building team seems to be a coincidence that is destined to happen. Yang first applied for the position of Localization Translator, but during his interview with Wei, he was asked if he wanted to be a world-building designer, to which he replied enthusiastically. Yang is now collaborating with the team to help design the background of our world’s many factions.

When asked about where his passion for world-building stems from, Yang said, “I enjoy playing games, especially those with epic stories, like Warcraft, The Witcher, and Warhammer; also, I have been working as a localization professional for many years, and one of the requirements is to understand the author fully, so one day I asked myself what if I’m the author and the translator at the same time?” This thought was then rooted in his heart and gradually grew into a genuine passion and interest in world-building.

Yang also says movies, video games, and novels are his sources of inspiration. Furthermore, he shares Yan Yan’s interests in the sciences, religion, and history. These real-life references and bits of knowledge serve as a solid foundation for his creativity. “I like to think about what if?” What if a cat can fly? What if we didn’t have to eat or drink? These what-if scenarios are also incredibly inspiring.”

Yang considers each member of the world-building team to be a separate parallel universe. When all of these universes converge, inspirations and creativity explode like a super big bang. There is no right or wrong; everyone works together to explore the potential of each idea and come up with the most fascinating yet logical one.


Our Aspiration

We value the diversity of our team, regardless of talents’ expertise or cultural background. We are ardent believers that a diverse team is both the foundation of a globalized product and the key to pushing the boundaries of imagination.

Creating an engaging world requires an appealing narrative, character settings, and innate cultures and civilizations. Only those memorable scenes, vivid and attractive concepts would immerse us and make us fall in love with this world; their charm and verve are the aesthetic value of our products. We wish to create a universe in which our users can not only play but also live.

We are lucky to have these enthusiastic innovators, whether from the world-building team or other teams, who eagerly offer their ideas and creativity to our IP incubation. We are excited to set sail for our aspirations with all of the industry’s finest professionals, and we also look forward to collaborating with more amazing authors and artists to create a world-class product and IP.


Be part of a miraculous journey